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Click Here to view the 2018 sponsorship and advertising opportunities.Browse our many options to find the perfect fit for your company’s goals. Contact Sydney Doctor 502.615.0033 or [email protected] Into Action: 2019 Legislative Agenda Unveiling This event is the platform on which GLI unveils its legislative agenda.Sponsors will enjoy extensive media and marketing coverage throughout the year.

GLI has developed targeted marketing options to get your message across to the right audience at small business friendly prices.GLI’s CEO discusses key strategies and current projects.Attendees ask questions about community issues, discuss matters specific to their own business, and network with one another.Following Lawver and Muller (1994), Kharin (2000), Lawver et al. (2005), we accept the position of the Icelandic hot spot under the Siberian trap area at the Permo-Triassic boundary.

That enables us to estimate the geographic coordinates of the Siberian trap location at 250 Ma (they are the same as Iceland today).

Presently the Icelandic hot spot is situated above the African large low shear velocity province (LLSVP) that indicates a hot mantle plume.


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